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ELEKTO contraception box +/- cover




Excluding VAT

Presentation of the 16 contraceptive methods + 3D models to handle.

With or without its protective cover.





Without cover:

190 € incl. VAT

€158.33 excluding VAT

With cover:

200 € incl. VAT

€166.67 excluding VAT

Price including tax: for orders placed in mainland France and in member countries of the European Union.

Price excluding tax: for overseas and overseas customers and those outside the European Union.

For customers who are members of the European Union and have an intra-community VAT number, please contact us to place the order excluding tax.


Order shipped within 72 hours.

Delivery provider: La Poste Colissimo

Delivery times depend on the destination and are subject to the postal rules of each country.

Dimensions and weight


Dimensions of the closed box: 30 x 21 x 6 cm

Dimensions of the open box for the presentation of contraceptive means: 60 x 44 x 3 cm

Total weight: 900g


Dimensions: 31 x 22 x 7 cm

Weight: 80g

Printing / shaping


Shaped box based on 20/10 cardboard against gluing.

Magnetic closure system.

Interior prints graphic card 350 gr matte lamination.

Exterior prints on 170 gr paper, matte lamination + selective varnish.

The final result combines clean external design and impactful internal illustrations.

The magnetic closure system ensures comfort and ease of use.

The thickness of the cardboard, the shaping and the finishes provide strength and longevity to the ELEKTO box.


100% Felt thickness 3 mm

Grey color

Easy to use: self-adhesive tape closure

Illustration and contents of the box

The ELEKTO box presents all 16 existing contraceptive methods.

Contraceptives are listed from left to right in order of actual (not theoretical) effectiveness.

So-called “female” contraception, from most to least effective: subcutaneous implant, closure of the tubal canal, intrauterine device, injectable, oral pill, vaginal ring, transdermal patch, diaphragm + spermicide, internal condom, calculation and observation, emergency.

Then so-called “male” contraception, from most to least effective: closure of the vas deferens, hormonal, briefs or testicular ring, external condom, withdrawal.

  • The 16 boxes illustrated

Each contraceptive is illustrated by a character + the anatomical zoom of the corresponding contraceptive. The diversity of the characters is developed in order to promote a positive approach to bodies and diversity. The illustrations respond to the National Sexual Health Strategy and make it possible to address questions of well-being and health, gender, emotional and sexual life, and the fight against violence and discrimination. They are an accessible and dynamic visual support for people and contribute to exchange and partnership in care.

  • The 16 information sheets

Each illustrated box is associated with an explanatory sheet for the contraceptive. Each sheet contains the main information on the corresponding contraceptive: effectiveness, mechanism of action, reversibility, methods of use, effect on periods or erection/ejaculation, protection or not against STIs, etc. The technical sheets contain up-to-date scientific information and are based on the recommendations of the High Authority for Health and the World Health Organization.

  • 3D copies of contraceptives

For all contraceptives allowing it, the box contains a 3D demonstrative example of the contraceptive. They faithfully reproduce the size, shape and texture of the real contraceptive. We find examples of: the implant (fixed to the side of the box using a square of patafix, this allows it to be detached and put back in place very easily), the Copper Intra Uterine Device and the hormonal Intra Uterine System, the 21 day pill and the 21+7 day pill, the vaginal ring, the transdermal patch, the diaphragm (the hole is only present on the demonstrative model, there is indeed no obviously not on the models used in everyday life), the internal condom (the lubricant has been removed to facilitate handling), the testicular ring, external condoms (we invite you to renew your stock of external condoms as given that they are not reusable once unfolded (to explain their proper use).

The presence of 3D examples allows for better understanding and appropriation of contraceptive methods. They are an essential element in the informed choice process.


The illustrated characters allow easy reference in the explanations.

The 3D specimens to handle allow you to see the size and texture of the contraceptives.

Warranty and services

Korpo Real customers are entitled to a refund for any product that does not comply with the sales contract and reported within 30 days of delivery.

Korpo Real customers are entitled to a replacement or refund for any damaged or damaged product received and reported within 15 days of delivery.

For any questions or requests for advice on the use of your Korpo Real product, our specialist will be available to you free of charge within 60 days of your delivery.


Maintenance is simple. Dust the box regularly. Clean with a soft, non-abrasive dry cloth.

Hand wash the cover cold.




Legal Notice

Intellectual Property: All products are protected by copyright and are the exclusive property of Korpo Real. Any reproduction, distribution, or transmission without the prior written authorization of Korpo Real is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

Use of products: Korpo Real products are intended exclusively for personal, educational or professional non-commercial use. Any use of the products for commercial purposes without the prior consent of Korpo Real is prohibited.

Limitation of liability: Korpo Real cannot be held responsible for damages of any nature which could result from improper use of the products sold or from any failure to follow the instructions for use.

Contact: For any questions or requests for clarification regarding legal notices or use of products, please contact Korpo Real at the following email address: or by telephone at (+33) 07 84 94 55 25

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