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Dilation of the cervix - A2 format - Sheet2



Excluding VAT

Legendary anatomical zoom + diagram of the 6 stages of cervical dilation during childbirth.

Soft and ultra-resistant PVC poster. Excellent image sharpness.




€40 incl. VAT

€33.33 excluding VAT

Price including tax: for orders placed in mainland France and in member countries of the European Union.

Price excluding tax: for overseas and overseas customers and those outside the European Union.

For customers who are members of the European Union and have an intra-community VAT number, please contact us to place the order excluding tax.


Order shipped within 72 hours.

Delivery provider: La Poste Colissimo

Delivery times depend on the destination and are subject to the postal rules of each country.

Dimensions and weight

Length 60 cm. Width 42 cm.

Weight: 100g


Quad HD printing on 300 micron PV.

Flexible. Ultra-resistant PVC. Excellent longevity. Can be rolled up, transported and attached with ease.

Impeccable matte finish. Exceptional sharpness and detail.


Sheet 2: Diagram of the 6 stages of cervical dilation

The 2 sheets on “Dilation of the cervix during childbirth” are complementary.

Sheet 2 represents 6 stages of cervical dilation with their title and illustrates the anatomical and physiological changes taking place at each stage.

The view of 6 identical cuts associated with the play of colors allows you to better understand what changes and what remains the same, allowing useful information to be extracted at a glance.


The aesthetics of the graphic features make anatomical information accessible to people with particular sensitivity.

The choice of colors offers an easier understanding of all the organs without overloading with information. The matching of colors on the 6 stages of dilation makes it easy to identify the corresponding organs in each of them and to understand the physiological changes.

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Korpo Real customers are entitled to a replacement or refund for any damaged or deteriorated product received and reported within 15 days of delivery.

For any questions or requests for advice on the use of your Korpo Real product, our specialist will be available to you free of charge within 60 days of your delivery.


Maintaining the cards is simple. Simply clean them regularly with a soft, non-abrasive dry cloth. For stubborn stains, very lightly dampen the cloth with lukewarm water +/- mild soap, then wipe with a dry cloth to maintain its clarity and shine.



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