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Complet. Puissant.


Open: 60 x 42.5 x 3 cm
Closed: 30 x 21 x 6 cm

16 compartments:

  • 16 illustrated characters

  • 16 fact sheets

  • 11 3D contraceptive models to manipulate

Utilisation facile : fermeture par système aimanté.

Structure carton contre-collé renforcé

Finitions pelliculage mat + vernis sélectif.

190 € TTC

€158.33 excluding VAT

Commande expédiée dans les 72h. Disponible en français et anglais.


Conçue pour la boîte ELEKTO : 31 x 22 x 7 cm

Housse de protection et de transport de la boîte ELEKTO

100% Felt thickness 3 mm

Grey color

Easy to use: self-adhesive tape closure

10 € TTC

€8.33 excluding VAT


Majestic displayed. Invisible once stored.

The ELEKTO Box transforms your daily experience: its intelligent design with magnetic closure opens and closes in one gesture, integrating naturally into your routine. Compact and elegantly designed to obtain an A4 format when closed, it is the discreet and effective ally of your day, always at hand for instant access.


Un classement logique et éducatif.
Boite ELEKTO, mallette d'information en contraception - classement des contraceptifs par ordre d'efficacité

In the ELEKTO Box, contraceptive methods are classified from most to least effective, which allows you a simplified and orderly explanation. Consistency in the design of the sheets gives you easier navigation through the information, ensuring a smooth and accessible user experience.


Modèles contraceptifs 3D à manipuler.
Boite ELEKTO, mallette d'information en contraception - vue des exemplaires contraceptifs présents dans la boite

With the ELEKTO Box, learning about contraception becomes an interactive and immersive experience. Each 3D contraceptive model, designed to faithfully reflect reality, enriches choice and understanding, combining tactile and visual for deep understanding.


With or without cover.

The felt carrying case, specially designed for the ELEKTO Box, provides elegant and functional protection. Perfectly adjusted, it allows secure transport and storage of the box, guaranteeing its preservation against wear and everyday hazards.

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